Security Measures at Our Self-Storage Facility

Published on 3/4/2023

When it comes to self-storage, security is a top priority for many individuals and businesses. At our self-storage facility in Alamosa, we understand the importance of keeping our customers' belongings safe and secure. That's why we have implemented a variety of security measures to ensure the protection of our customers' belongings. In this post, we'll discuss the security measures at our self-storage facility in Alamosa.

  1. Surveillance Cameras

We have installed high-definition surveillance cameras throughout our facility to monitor all areas 24/7. Our cameras are strategically placed to provide coverage of all entrances, exits, and common areas. This allows us to keep a watchful eye on the facility at all times and quickly identify any suspicious activity.

  1. Electronic Gates

Our facility is fully fenced with an electronic gate system that can only be accessed by customers with a personalized code. This ensures that only authorized individuals are allowed on the property, and provides an additional layer of security.

  1. Individual Alarms

Each unit at our facility is equipped with an individual alarm system that can only be accessed by the customer with their unique code. This ensures that each unit is secure and can only be accessed by the customer.

  1. On-Site Management

Our facility has an on-site manager who is responsible for monitoring the facility, addressing any issues, and ensuring the safety and security of our customers' belongings. This provides an additional level of security and peace of mind for our customers.

  1. Climate Control

In addition to security measures, we also offer climate-controlled units to protect our customers' belongings from extreme temperatures and humidity. This ensures that items such as furniture, electronics, and sensitive documents are kept in optimal conditions and prevents damage caused by temperature changes.

  1. Lighting

Our facility is well-lit with outdoor lighting to ensure visibility and deter criminal activity. This is especially important during evening hours when visibility is reduced.

  1. Regular Maintenance and Inspections

We regularly maintain and inspect our facility to ensure that all security measures are functioning properly. This includes checking surveillance cameras, alarms, gates, and lighting.

In conclusion, security is a top priority at our self-storage facility in Alamosa. We have implemented a variety of security measures, including surveillance cameras, electronic gates, individual alarms, on-site management, climate control, lighting, and regular maintenance and inspections. These measures provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe and secure. When choosing a self-storage facility, it's important to prioritize security measures to protect your valuable belongings. Aspen Mini Storage is part of New Branch Holdings with self storage facilities in Alamosa, CO, mini storage in West Fargo, ND, and self storage in Springville, IA